The Isle of Thanet is an area in the far south east of England containing the towns RAMSGATE BROADSTAIRS and MARGATE.  I run the bookshop in Ramsgate, I have written this site to enable you to share my collection of pictures of Thanet and to make it easy to find other sites relating to this area....

Thanetonline blog where you can make comments related to Thanet issues and find even more pictures of old Thanet

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Thanetonline Blog  Thanet Life  EASTCLIFF RICHARD  Zumi - buzzing Ramsgate and Thanet  Ramsgate first  BIGNEWS MARGATE

      Map of Ramsgate in 1849  Manston 2007

summer funfair  August bank holiday 2007
Ramsgate Powerboat Grand Prix 2007 Pictures of Ramsgate Carnival 2007   Montefiore Synagogue Open Day 2007
Addington Street Fair 2007     Broadstairs Folk Week 2007   Broadstairs August 2007   video of the spring tide in Ramsgate 2007

        Steam boat entering Ramsgate Harbour
Click on the picture for more pictures or click here for latest pictures       Pictures of Ramsgate in April 2007 including the tall ships
More old pictures of Ramsgate  Local Blogs   Pictures of Pugin's house the grange Ramsgate   Ramsgate tidal surge

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